Federal government adopts new Iraq mandate for Anti-IS used. The training

The fight against the IS Cabinet decides on new Iraq mandate.

Tornado recce aircraft in Jordan, and training of security forces in Iraq: The Federal Cabinet has approved the extension of the Anti-IS-operation of German soldiers .

Flag of the "Islamic state" (IS), picked up by a Tornado of the German armed forces.

The Federal Cabinet has decided to extend the deployment of German soldiers against the terrorist militia "Islamic state" (IS). The Ministers were in Berlin the green light for a new Iraq mandate, and the further deployment of the Bundeswehr as part of the international Anti-IS coalition.

Federal government adopts new Iraq mandate for Anti-IS used. and training of security forces

The deployment of German Tornado reconnaissance planes in Jordan and the use of tanker aircraft for the Anti-IS coalition IS 31, therefore, only up to the. March 2020, be extended. The training assistance for security forces in Iraq is to be extended by a further year. The mandate provides for an upper limit of 700 deployed soldiers .

Achievements to date would have to be secured and a of the IS must be prevented, stated in the mandate text, the news Agency dpa that was about it. "Otherwise, a renewed slide in uncertain and volatile conditions, with a negative impact on the entire Region threatens to be," says more.

An Grammys 2019 this Red-Carpet Looks to talk about today, all! extension of the use must only be approved by the Bundestag. The SPD had initially been claimed, the Tornado used to 31. To end October, as the Bundestag had decided on. The terrorist IS militia is now beaten militarily, but has formed in the underground of new networks .

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